Poverty and Welfare

 I can explain the elements of poverty. 3.21
-define the term
It is the state of being extremely poor, below the poverty line.

 I can explain in detail, The Global Poverty Trap. 3.22

It means that the poor remain poor because they cannot extricate themselves without help. They then begin to work together to form a kind of trap which begins at the national and international levels.

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 I can define and explain welfare. 3.23
-be specific about Canada

Welfare is the health,happiness and living of people. It is very serious and a last resort for people live with only what they need. ( Basic necessities)
 I can list pros and cons of welfare. 3.24
-try and list 5 of each (be open minded)

Some pros of welfare is that it helps people survive.

Some cons is people take it for granted and rely on it.
 I can explain, who are the poor? 3.25
-who is considered “poor”?
Those who can only live with the basic necessities of life. Those who can not afford a house to live in, food to eat and clothing to cover up.
 I can explain 5 truths surrounding general characteristics of the poor. 3.28Lack of knowledge and good skills, Lack of employment, and education, Lack of livestock insurance system.
I can explain income assistance as it relates to my country.

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