Social Studies 20

1) Where did Gandhi famously march? Why?

He marched 241 miles from the village to the sea to gather salt.

2) What law was Gandhi openly defying?

Gathering salt was a small and simple act but it was a defiance to the British Salt Law.

3) Why were 100,000 people sent to jail?

Within a month 100 000 Indians were actually sent to prison producing salt illegally.  

4) Who did India want independence from? Explain what imperialism is in your own words.

Britain was who INdia wanted independence from.  Imperialism is when a strong country actually overpowers and takes over and controls the weaker country.

5) What is ahimsa? Explain why Gandhi was an advocate for ahimsa?

Ahimsa-  Simply non-violence or of the desire to kill or harm.  He very much encouraged this, as he was very religious as well as open-minded.  Gandhi strongly supported Jesus’ teachings such as love everyone, even our enemies.

6) List 4 religions that Gandhi ‘practiced’ or supported? Why do you think Gandhi speaking positively about so many religions was good for his campaign and popularity?

Gandhi supported Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.   He loved without risks of religion, their race, skin colour etc. He also spoke very well to everyone because he did welcome everyone.

7) Complete the following sentence; “the spirit of non-violence sprang from…” What do you think this means?

“My inner self and who I have become to be”  I think this means that once you are happy with yourself and others it helps to be so loving to everyone else and become that in who you are as a person.     

8) What is Satyagraha? What were its two goals?

(If you have to look this up elsewhere to ensure it makes sense for you- please do that.)

Satyagraha is when you are actually fighting for what you believe in. This doesn’t mean you are rude, just means that you are acting against a specific law. So basically taking a stand almost .

9) When did India become independent?

India became independent in 1947.

10) What happened on the eve of India’s independence?

     Riots were all over the country on the eve of their independence. A lot of distrust and hate between the two ( Hindus and Muslims) that kept going.     

11) Do you think what Gandhi did was honourable and just? Do you think he could have accomplished the same or better by working through violence?

  Gandhi must have a huge amount of courage. He loves so much and is so passionate about what he believes in himself and others. It just goes to prove the love he has for others is so strong. Obviously I gained loads of respect for him because he doesn’t once wish any hatred on anyone. People these days are surrounded by violence and hatred and its nice to have someone like Gandhi be different and maybe put a impact on peoples lives today. 

12) What movement in the U.S.A. was inspired by Gandhi’s work?

 Stands such as the civil right movement ( M.L.K) and peaceful marches were inspired.

13) Do some additional research, How long did Gandhi fast for? Why did he fast? What did it accomplish?

   Gandhi fasted for 21 days once, he did this as another movement against the British.  Obviously awareness was brought about and communicated. This lasted about six days and then the British basically accepting certain terms of settlement. Then sad but true Gandhi had actually passed away about two weeks later. 

14) Do some additional research: What happened to Gandhi? How did he die?

 Gandhi was killed by getting shot, he was shot by three gunshots to his stomach and chest. This happened On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was assassinated by Hindu extremist, Narayan Vinayak Godse, on his way to an evening prayer meeting. Gandhi’s last words were “Hey Raam” which translates to “Oh God.”  He did not die in a hospital. 

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