Secondhand lions

                                                          Desarai Drechsler

                                                                            September 19,2013


Secondhand Lions:


1.  Put yourself in Walter shoes at the beginning of the movie.  How would you feel about your mom?  Would you believe her?  Is the really trying to keep the family together? Is she coming back in a couple weeks/months? (4)

I would be so mad and upset with my mom. I would lose a lot of respect for my own mother, she’s selfish and is fake. I feel like I would believe her just because she is my mom and would have a little trust in her. But at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised when hearing she didn’t even go to school. After finding out she didn’t go to school I wouldn’t even expect her to come back, I would feel like she’s completely moved on with her life.

2.  At the beginning of the movie it is evident that Walter doesn’t have a lot of self-esteem and isn’t overly happy with his life.  How do we, the viewers, know this? (list two specific examples and explain) (2)

Because Walter is very shy, even meeting his uncles he was very quiet about the whole thing. At the beginning when the uncles were shooting people when they would come to the house, Walter was very scared. You could see it in his eyes that he wasn’t used to this kind of environment. He didn’t say much, after being around and a being raised by the uncles Walter started feeling at home with the uncles and you could see that he become happy and feel at home. Another time was when his mother did decided that it was “best” for Walter to go to the Uncles, Walter didn’t really stick up for himself. He didn’t have a say, it was up to his selfish mother. As you could see Walter got better and better in the movie, he seemed happy and at the end he even stood up for himself to his mother and two uncles.

3.  What happens in the movie to show the viewer that Walter is starting to build up his confidence and feel a sense of belonging? Explain how you know this (2)

When Walter would start doing things with his uncles and communicating with them. Walter would help garden, fish, shoot etc. He was bonding with his uncles, it made him happy, like he was loved and had people that actually cared about him around.

4.  How does Walter help his uncles? (1)

Walter actually did a lot to help his uncles. He helped them in both big and small ways. Walter helped his uncle’s garden, shoot and fish etc. But Walter also helped his uncles by showing them how much they actually mean to each other but not only that but how much they mean to Walter. Walter also helped out when his mother and boyfriend came back to grab him and the money, Walter didn’t say anything

5. How are Walter and the lion similar? (2)

Walter and the lion were similar because they were both completely innocent. That’s what I got out of the movie, they both were very caring, and they didn’t want to hurt anyone. They suspected that this lion would come raging out of the cage and them being ready to shoot. That wasn’t the case; the lion was friendly and was just looking for some love. Just like Walter, completely innocent. (Except when the lion took out the boyfriend)

6. At the end of the movie the writers use a double entendre to end the movie on a powerful note.  What is a double entrendre? How is it used in the movie?  How does it allow the movie to have a powerful ending?(5) It is when you say something and it means a variety of things. At the end of the movie Walter said “yeah they did live” he said one thing but he meant a couple. It is so powerful because it such a good line, its very shape.

7.  Why do you think the movie is titled Secondhand Lion? Be sure to support your answer (2)
Because the lion is second hand. Basically given away from the zoo, so its second hand to the little boy.

8.  How did being raised by his uncles impact the man Walter grew to be? (3) He grew up to be a very respectful man. Learning how to take care of himself and finding himself. He learnt a lot about both uncles and he did very well not saying with his mother. His mother wouldn’t have taught him anything good about life and himself like the uncles had.

9. Walter is a dynamic character in that he changes and grows as the story progresses.  Write a well-developed paragraph showing how Walter grows throughout the story. (10)

At the beginning of the movie Walter was a very shy young boy, when being sent to his uncles that’s when it really showed. He didn’t know his uncles very well he wasn’t used to them and how they were. Spending the summer with his uncles was the last place he wanted to be. Walter wasn’t used to the dangerous things that went on at the house. He quickly became very aware that that’s how they uncles wanted to live. They lived to the absolute fullest, they wanted to take risks, have fun and do things many other people won’t. During the movie Walter was very curious, he wanted to know everything about well everything. By the end of the movie, Walter you could see was standing up for himself; he stood up to his mother. When he went back to his uncles place he even stood up for himself there and said something’s needed to change. That’s when you could really see that Walter grew to be more confident in him self yet very respectful to everyone as well.

10. What does Walter have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3)
Honestly they both felt so alone, Leia and Walter had no one to turn to. Another thing they had in common was they both were very strong. You have to be when it’s the only choose. Leia may of self-abused but for the most part she kept it together. She felt at home when running away to a zoo, it shows the impendence in Leia. And when Walter growing up with a mother that doesn’t care for anyone but herself he learns to defend for himself. It was different at first at the uncle’s house but then Walter became comfortable and eventually found himself.

11. What do the Lions have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3)
To answer after we are done reading FIX Me by Rune Michaels: Totally innocent and to themselves, they both had these two characteristics. The uncle’s expected the lion to come out and be mean so they would have fun killing it. It didn’t move, it was innocent and to himself. And Leia she was abused in many different ways. And then felt “good” when she would self-abuse, when in reality Leia is completely innocent. She got nothing but hurt over and over. Then when being at the zoo she felt like she couldn’t be judged, that she was safe. Innocence plays a huge part in both the lions and Leia.

12. What do the Lions offer Walter that the monkey offers Leia? List as many similarities between the relationships as you can come up with (6) The lion offered Walter –Happiness

Someone to lean on

And the biggest one, LOVE.

The lion offered Walter all these because the lion cared for him, the lion showed Walter that there’s someone to hold. When Walter and the Lion were wrestling it was cute, and I bet Walter found great happiness in the lion.

And Leia the exact same three


Someone to lean on

And again, LOVE

All these because Leia felt the same as Walter, lonely. They didn’t have anyone to be happy with, no one to lean on when they needed, and most importantly someone or something to love.

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