Private talk with Holly

A private talk with Holly


1) Explain what each character felt during this talk out on the water. Then tell whose feelings you most related to and explain why?
2) Every story MUST have a conflict of some type. This is a struggle between two opposing forces. The opposing forces may be within a character, someone who is trying to make a decision, for example. A character may be in conflict with some outside force- NATURE, SOCIETY, or another CHARACTER. Many stories have more than one conflict. What are the conflicts in this story.
Describe them;
*Man vs Man
*Man vs Nature
*Man vs Himself
*Man vs Society


    When Holly told her dad what she wanted to do I could only imagine how her dad felt. Her dad felt really upset, he doesn’t want to let her go but he knows he has too. He was very supportive and understanding to what she wanted to do. He responded very well, he’s going to loose her no matter what but the way he responded he’s going to loose her in a way that’s she going to come back on holidays and call once awhile. When holly first told her dad what her plan was for university she was very nervous, you could tell something was bothering her. She doesn’t want to hurt her dad and would understand if he didn’t want her to go.

The conflict in this story is most defiantly between Holly and her dad. She was very nervous telling her dad, the conflict would have been how the dad was going to respond. The conflict is Man vs. Man.

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