I can define slavery.

I can identify when slavery occurs.

 I can identify the basic values governing slavery.

 I can explain when slavery began in North America.

 I can explain how a group of people in history rationalized           the treatment of people as slaves.

 I can explain why many people accept their role as a slave.

 I can list 10 key events in the history of slavery in North America.


-It lasted U.S.A 1619-1865 Atlantic Slave Trade

-It lead to civil war, which is war within your own country

-Still impacts today!

-Without cotton in the South the North would not have been able to industrialize economy.

 – 3 quarters of the worlds cotton came from the United States.

– South = Agriculture

                  Less rails, cities, roads, connection

Weaker in the civil war

1860- 4 million Slaves in the South

-Racism was Rampant

– Even the poorest white people tried to have/buy slaves

   (Status symbol)

– Divide between social classes was the culture

– Majority or “imperializers” say they are helping them!





– Those who enslave justify slavery!

– Dehumanization

-Torture                                               PROPERTY

– Fear tactics

 – Slaves were property

 – Whipping

 – With holding food


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