Politics in Canada

Political Parties of Canada

Conservative party:
Current leader: Stephen Harper
How many seats in the House of Commons: 162
Background into your party: This party has been #1 or #2 in the elections.
1. death penalty, harsher penalties for harsh crimes

2. citizens should have a right to bear arms (USA)

3. global temperture changes are NATURAL- THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING

4. Opposed to same sex marriage

5. Lower taxes for people

6. Want to drill; land and see; MORE MONEY; MORE RESOURES. Oil Oil Oil

7. Immigration open; but if you break the law… you shouldn’t have the same rights
8. They are for individual wealths and freedoms
9. Less UNIONS
10. More privatization on health care to ensure QUALITY is consistent.
11. (Grandfather)
12. Less programs for the needy- lets just make them better
13. NO legalization of Marijuana
14. Less on welfare and social assistance
15. MORE about foreign affairs (Except Syria)

Liberals party
Current leader: Justin Trudeau
32 Seats in the House of Commons
Background into your party:
1. Pro choice (Women have the right to make decisions about their body concerning babies)

2. Speak out for food security; MORE food to the hungry; MORE FDA

3. Leaglize marijuana; more tax money to put towards programs for those in need

4. Stand up for youth employment; Find jobs for the young

5. Don’t support the death penalty

6. Sustainable public health care system

7. More affordable access to post secondary
8. Parks, recreation, less private ownership

9. Want the parliament to belong to the people; MORE SAY from the people
10. (Gramma)
11. Aboriginal and immigrant programs to help them practice their culture/beliefs

NDP party:
Current leader: Thomas Mulcair
How many seats in the House of Commons: 100
Background into your party:
1. Moving away from original capitalist way;
Capitalist: individual wealth
Trade and industry is controlled by the people (not by government)
PRIVATE companies and profit
(Move more towards a communist style of living)

2. Partner with the oil parth on development

3. SOCIALLY progressive against marijuana (NO POT)

4. Help those in need. SPEND MONEY to help those who have none.


6. Greater access to ABORTION across the country.

7. Expanding PUBLIC health care
8. Aboriginal people; GIVE THEM THEIR LAND AND MONEY

Green party:
Current leader: Elizabeth May
How many seats in the House of Commons: 1
Background into your party:
1. Green Green Green

2. New party….. new policies…. Time to make a stand.

3. We are the cause of climate change

4. MORE tax on big buisness and carbon

5. Rewamp CHild Care… more taxes for parents who want to stay HOME!

6. SELLLLL the marijuana! Make tons of tax.

7. Higher taxes
8. More focus on education; GIVE the smart teenagers/young adults MORE MONEY
9. Want women to have the right; For abortion

Bloc party:
Current leader: Daniel Paille
How many seats in the House of Commons: 4
Background into your party:
1. Quebec (OWN COUNTRY)

2. Environmentalism

3. More money from big business/ carbon tax

4. Women have a say. Pro aborbtion

5. LGBT Same sex marriage

6. Crack down on pot smokers

7. Legalization of assisted suicide
8. No Senate!
9. Troops OUT OF Afghanistan and Syria
10. Never were involved with the Iraq war…. Was not our place
11. Less worry with foreign affairs


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